When you are feeling stuck, there is nothing like deliberately getting yourself out of your own rut by surrounding yourself with like minded individuals and professionals that will challenge you to enfold all you can be. Get ready to breakthrough to the next level and it starts here. 


For the business owner that wants to accelerate at a faster pace towards their dream, Mariana will personally work with selected professionals through group coaching to share her strategies when planning to succeed. She masterminds with others to assist you in creating your own smart plan, sharing all the techniques you need to be empowered to reach your goals faster, while showing you how to work smarter at everything you do.

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If you are new to coaching, or on a budget, group coaching is a great option to implement into your business. During a LIVE call, Mariana inspires listeners to work smarter. You'll hear Mariana encourage others to share their experiences by sharing hers & go deeper as to how they are working smarter & not harder.


There are proven, core principles found in any successful business model. Mastermind with like minded professionals on strategies they implement each day, and discover the leverage tools you need to learn by developing a further understanding as to how time blocking, productivity systems & proven models can revolutionize your business & improve your mindset.  Mariana highlights her techniques and the power of sequence in launching many divisions within your business, to empower you to realize your very own DREAM.